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Australian Sandalwood

Australian Sandalwood Products

All products supplied are guaranteed 100% Sandalwood and will always be differentiated if they are plantation Sandalwood or wild sandalwood. 

Raw Sandalwood / whole Sandalwood Logs

  • Tree butts (Green butts and Dead Butts)

  • Sandalwood Logs (Green wood Logs and Dead wood Logs)

  • Sandalwood branches

Sandalwood Log on red dirt
Sandalwood chips on red dirt

Pregrind Sandalwood / Sandalwood Chips

Sandalwood chips are predominately special blends formulated for:

  • Incense blending and manufacturing (wood chips are then turned to powder)

  • Chinese Medicine

  • Oil distillation for use in Aromatherapy, perfume, chewing tobacco and cosmetic products

Sandalwood powder / Sandalwood incense

World's largest market for Sandalwood powder is for the use in Incense. These are 100% Sandalwood controlled and consistent blends:

  • Use in incense manufacturing. Sandalwood powder sold by SS Champion is a high-quality powder product that can enable a relatively low-cost entry point for incense manufacturers worldwide.

  • Powder used in cosmetic products

Sandalwood powder on red dirt

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Sustainable Harvesting

As part of a best practice for sustainable harvesting one of the main objectives is to implement “whole tree” harvesting techniques. This ensures that the harvest quotas can be met with ease and that less trees are harvested in the process of reaching the yearly quotas.

Fully dug up Sandalwood tree with branches still attached

Green Wood

Newly harvested Sandalwood trees that have exceeded the minimum size standards for harvesting of Wild WA Sandalwood. Depending on the harvest area the average age of a trees exceeding the size limit is 100 years old. All product is debarked in the desert within hours of harvesting.

Fully dug up Sandalwood tree with branches still attached

Dead wood

Naturally dead Sandalwood trees that have fallen in the areas of the Western Australian warm desert. These trees have been deceased for so many years that all the bark and majority of the sapwood has been naturally eroded, giving the wood a slightly warmer and sweater fragrance to that of the Green wood.

Other Sandalwood

We can offer any type of genuine Sandalwood products. This simple category separation of Sandalwood products is just to be used as an easy guide to knowing generally what manufactures consider in the formulation of sandalwood products and what categories they might be able to be placed into in end market.


If you would like to test the quality of any Sandalwood products to potentially determine the country of origin or the quality of the sandalwood we can have this arranged for you. We often get requests from people who are curious to know where the sandalwood is from only to realise it is a synthetic Fake product.  please don't hesitate to get in contact.  Product testing ?

Indian Sandalwood

Pacific Island Sandalwood

Australian Sandalwood

Low grade Sandalwood

Fake Sandalwood

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