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Continuing the Journey of Aromatic Timber

Is a 100% privately owned group that specializes in the trade of aromatic timbers (Sandalwood and Agarwood) from around the world.


The Asian based division is more focused on the trade of raw commodities from South-East Asia and Africa into China. Part of the ongoing work in West Africa is to work on projects that increase the overall nutrition for country members through sustainable agricultural plays.

The mission of SS Champion is to contribute to the vast globes education in proper use of natural, high quality and sustainable sandalwood products through:

  • Ensuring all Sandalwood resources sold under SS champion Pty Ltd and managed by the state of Western Australia’s plantation and native Sandalwood resources employ the proper use of Sustainable harvesting practices and regeneration techniques.

  • Granting all members of the distribution and consumption chain access to proper true and correct materials and marketing information for the Sandalwood resource.

  • Promoting innovation and best use in processing and manufacturing of all products linked directly with Western Australian Sandalwood (both domestically and internationally) and giving the customers the best true value added product.

  • Generating positive returns to the state of Western Australia from state-owned plantations and native Sandalwood resources.

  • Increase the overall global awareness of the Western Australian Sandalwood resource and why it is still the worlds number 1 managed wild sandalwood resource.


Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years and the East's cultural appreciation of authenticity and quality means that still to this day they are easily the globes largest admires of Western Australian sandalwood.

It’s a premium 100% all natural product, grown wildly in a pollution and chemical free environment in the isolated deserts of Western Australia. 


Choosing Western Australian sandalwood is a choice for health.

It’s a premium 100% all natural product, grown wildly in a pollution and chemical free environment in the isolated deserts of Western Australia. Importantly, it is collected under strict government control to ensure admirers of quality are rewarded with excellence.

Western Australian Sandalwood (santalum.spicatum) is the worlds last standing commercially viable Wild sandalwood resource. This is achieved through proper management from the Forest Products Commissions (FPC) of WA, all Sandalwood harvested by the FPC is certified to the international standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS ISO 14001). 

Certification provides our customers with assurance that their sandalwood products originate from responsibly managed forests.

The harvest quantity of arouind 2,000 tonnes per year and wood quality of WA wild Sandalwood has been stable and consistent since the WA governments involvement and its formation of the Sandalwood Act 1929.over 88 years ago.

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If you would like an SS Champion Agent to contact you, please email: or send a message through our website.

We are currently looking for new customers in the regions of Korea and Vietnam 

SS Champion has a large distribution network world wide with a main focus on Asian markets. 

We currently have distribution agents in the following country regions;

China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and India.

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