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Other Sandalwood

Five Categories of Sandalwood

We don't offer all of the below products, certainly not any of the "Fake Sandalwood" products. This simple category separation of Sandalwood products is just to be used as an easy guide to knowing generally what manufactures consider in the formulation of sandalwood products and what categories they might be able to be placed into in end market.


If you would like to test the quality of any Sandalwood products to potentially determine the country of origin or the quality of the sandalwood we can have this arranged for you. We often get requests from people who are curious to know where the sandalwood is from only to realise it is a synthetic Fake product.  please don't hesitate to get in contact.  Product testing ?


Indian Sandalwood  

Santalum album 

Due to diminishing supply these sandalwood products they have experienced the highest price instabilities. This species of Sandalwood is generally the highest oil yielding and oil quality Sandalwood product. It can be found in Indian, Sri Lanka, Indonesian and East Timor. In the past 10 years plantation industries from around the world have invested significant money in the planting and establishment of Santalum album.

The future supply of this product looks very bright.

- SS Champion is glad to be able to offer supply this now sustainably available resource. more info

Pacific Island Sandalwood 

Santalum yasi / Santalum austrocaledonicum
These products are amongst the most inconsistent supplied products in the world trade of Sandalwood. mainly due to the inconsistent nature behind harvesting cycles and lack of enforcement on regulation. some pacific island Sandalwood can be as good quality as premium Indian Sandalwood.

The Sandalwood oil from this type of Sandalwood is prices in French perfumery.

- SS Champion offers specially sourced limited quantities of santalum austrocaledonicummore info

Australian Sandalwood

Santalum spicatum
This has been the only wild sandalwood product in the world that was managed and regulated enough in order for the resource to be supplied on a stable and consistent basis. With plantation industries of santalum spicatum now widely available it has enabled the pressure of harvesting wild sandalwood to be reduced.

- SS Champion offers limited quantities of both wild and plantation resources. more info

Low Grade Sandalwood

- African Sandalwood (Osyris lanceolata)
Through the large scale over harvest of African Sandalwood and lack of enforced regulation this product is now listed under CITES. This particular product has been popular within Indian markets as it is a Genuine lower-quality lower costing Sandalwood products.
- Queensland Sandalwood (Santalum lanceolatum)
Even though this Sandalwood product is still within the Santalum genus it does not contain as much oil or alpha content than the previously mentioned Sandalwood products. This type of Sandalwood is the cheapest commercially available sandalwood product. this product is predominately sold in log form for the creation of carvings.

Fake Sandalwood

This category makes up the largest portion of the market as per volume, any product that does not contain real sandalwood sits within it. E.g. synthetic oil “Sandalore”, incense sticks made out of window frames… you would be surprised what sort of product is out into manufacturing then sold as “Sandalwood”.

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