Sandalwood Exporter

SS Champion prides itself on being the world’s largest wild Sandalwood Exporter and holding a long-term contract as Sole international sales agent for the Forest Products Commission (Western Australian Government managed).

Supply Capacity

The supply capacity via lone-term contract is around 1,600 tonnes per year.

For more information on the wild Sandalwood products being exported from WA please see the Australian Sandalwood page or send an email to

Lady wrapping Sandalwood insence in groupes

Global Market Consulting

Man washing packs sticks to prepare for insence makig

Sandalwood consulting

Providing an education to producing companies on profitable practices ensures that the products created will be "fit for market". For any company to sustainability do business it is fundamental to be profitable. SS Champion can assist in assisting your company to making the right decisions from the very start, the middle and the end.


Consulting and JV/Partnership programs:

  • Market overview for Sandalwood or Agarwood

  • Best practice production processes for Sandalwood or Agarwood.

  • Long-term sales agreements and distribution solutions for ready made or near-term products.

Sandalwood and Agarwood

SS Champion’s Trades and Consults on other Sandalwood and Agarwood products from countries within the Asian Pacific areas.

Through strong relationships with end markets world wide SS Champion is capable of providing select networking, consulting and partnership/off-take agreements for companies with interests in producing and/or selling Sandalwood and Agarwood products.

Sandalwood distribution and sales

If you need assistance with the sales or distribution of Sandalwood or Agarwood products don't hesitate contact us.


Alternatively if you have Sandalwood or Agarwood plantation's new or old and need help with inoculation, harvesting, processing or just need more assistance and direction on your project don’t hesitate to get in contact.