Continuing the Journey of Aromatic Timber

Is a 100% privately owned group that specializes in the supply of Western Australia Sandalwood and Agarwood products from around the world.

Large Asian Distribution Network

High Quality Materials

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Australian Sandalwood Products

All products supplied below are guaranteed 100% Wild Western Australian Sandalwood:

  • Raw Sandalwood / whole Sandalwood Logs

  • Pregrind Sandalwood / Sandalwood Chips

  • Sandalwood Powder / Sandalwood Incense


Next to Sandalwood, we also export Agarwood and other types of Sandalwood.


Sandalwood Exporter

SS Champion prides itself on being the world’s largest wild Sandalwood Exporter and holding a long-term contract as Sole international sales agent for the Forest Products Commission (Western Australian Government managed).

Global Marketing Consulting

Through strong relationships with end markets world wide SS Champion is capable of providing select networking, consulting and partnership/off-take agreements for companies with interests in producing and/or selling Sandalwood and Agarwood products.

Sandalwood comes from the Sandalwood tree and has been used for thousands of years. The East's cultural appreciation of authenticity and quality means that still to this day they are the globes largest admires of Western Australian sandalwood (Santalum spicatum).

It’s a premium 100% all natural product, grown wildly in a pollution and chemical free environment in the isolated deserts of Western Australia. 

If you would like an SS Champion Agent to contact you, please email: or click the contact us button and send a message through our website.

SS CHAMPION LIMITED Continuing the Journey of Aromatic Timber

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