Sandalwood tree pulled out by buldozer

SS Champion is a 100% privately owned company that specializes in the trade of aromatic timbers (Sandalwood and Agarwood) from around the world. 


The Australian division is our main focus, with SS Champion Pty Ltd being the world largest single supplier of Sandalwood "santalum.spicatum" (WA sandalwood) by volume. It has access to sell up to 2,000 tonne of Wild Western Australian sandalwood per annum and is the sole agent for Forest Products Commission of Western Australia, responsible for all international sales of the Governments sandalwood. 


The Asian based division is more focused on the trade of raw commodities from South-East Asia and Africa into China. Part of the ongoing work in Africa is to work on projects that increase the overall nutrition for country members through sustainable agricultural plays.

To facilitate ethical and sustainable sandalwood industries that creates more jobs and opportunities around the world. We will gradually grow global demand for Australian Sandalwood and Agarwood through proper education, market transparency and increased brand confidence.

Man kneeling in front of small tree
Man sitting on pile of raw sandalwood logs

The mission of SS Champion is to contribute to the vast globes education in proper use of natural, high quality and sustainable sandalwood products. By ensuring all Sandalwood resources sold under SS Champion Pty Ltd (managed by the state of Western Australia) native Sandalwood resources, employ the proper use of sustainable harvesting practices, regeneration techniques and obtain the proper certificates where possible.​

Increase the overall global awareness and consumption of the Western Australian Sandalwood through promoting the benefits of 100% genuine wild natural products.